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Work avoidance: The ultimate breakdown.

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Written by adamdedanga

Wait, what?

A lot of times I wait with tasks I know needs to be done, like most of us do. I build up a resistance around the tasks. I over think it and get hung upon that it’s “Work”, and that work is painful. It’s usually not that hard when I finally start, actually it’s quite relaxing when I get going.
For example I love to  hand wash the dishes, I find it really relaxing. But before I actually start doing it, the thought that it’s “work” hangs over me. The problem isn’t the work, I even like it. The problem is that I have the thought that work is bad, when it’s not.

The thought of running is actually harder than the running itself

The first thing that I have to stop is wanting to be defeated by the “work is hard thought”. I sometimes let myself be defeated by it and wait to do my tasks. Instead I cling to the hope of feeling good from relaxation and doing nothing. That’s basically the problem I hope to feel better from relaxation than doing the work. It’s truly awesome when you quit thinking of your tasks as work and instead thinking of it as fun. A lot of times it’s just your thinking that separates what is work and what is relaxing, the thinking you do before you actually start your work or play.

Being stuck in “Search and Learning mode”

When I’m in the search mode I’m only focusing on the thought that there’s a better way of doing what I want to accomplish. I also start to jump between the things I want to accomplish. Should I focus on IT-entrepreneurship, Film making or Music production? Sometimes I just jump back and forth with a mix of mail checking and Facebook for hours. This is quite easy to spot and easy to realize that it’s bad to do.
Learning mode sounds good, but it can be bad, let me explain. Passively watching “useful” stuff on Youtube or reading a book can fool you that you’re making progress. But are you actually getting any work done? I don’t want to bash down on learning, because you always need good knowledge before you start to get great results.

When you get in Search or Learning mode, snap out of it. Specify what needs to be done: Step 1, step 2, step 3 and start with Step 1 as the most important thing that moves you forward.

Things won’t be perfect, get over it!

You want the circumstances to be perfect before you get down to your work. You need this equipment, this kind of money, etc, etc. You’re probably right, it would make things better! But you gotta start anyway, because you’re probably not going to improve your situation by waiting. That’s how I feel now, I want people to work with, I’m a very social person. But at this moment I can’t find a solution, I’ll have it in the back of my mind and will be open to a solution if it shows itself. But I know that if I slowly work on my own I sooner or later will be able to employ people, get partners or choose places where I want to work. Whatever you feel like you need, get over it and get to work.



So let’s break it down…

  • Quit wanting to be defeated by “work is hard thought”.
    The thought of work is harder than the actual work itself.
  • Don’t let the search for a better solution be your thing.
    Be open and look around, but don’t let it come in the way of getting actual results done.
  • Things don’t have to be perfect before you start doing.
    Yes, the results may not be the best in the beginning, but at least you start to move forward.


A final thought if you do creative work.
Get rid of the attachment to “your thing” and become a professional.
This is very well expressed in the book The war of art by Steven Pressfield.

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