The strive for passiveness instead of action, It’s bad.

Written by adamdedanga

A few weeks ago I realized that a lot of the society strive to be passive, and being some kind of reciever. Recieving amusment from TV, from Facebook, from the Radio or Recieving a chill vibe from a drug.
But at the same time there are people who are producing thing’s, creating and taking action. Creating the funny clips on Facebook, the music and the TV-shows.
At times it just feels like the things are copies of each other, where very little is new. For example if you have a look at Big Brother 2015, it’s the same as it was 2005. And if you listen to a lot of the pop-songs, it sounds quite a like as the other pop-songs. Although I think the music change’s some over time… Wait now I’m loosing the track sorry for that.

What I want to get down to is that every time I surrender to drifting by and doing something passive. I feel bad.
And every time I take action, create something. Not just waiting around for something to happen, then I feel good.
The exceptions is when I’ve been doing a lot of things or just occupying my mind 24/7 about something, then it’s good with some passiveness.

But it feels like too much of the things we aim to “do” in life is passive. When I talk to my friends they like to smoke weed, they like to chill, they like to watch TV-series. And it’s nothing bad with that, but I think we become unhappy if we never create. Make something happen.
The thing is I’m passive as fuck, or atleast I’ve been. I’m slowly trying to change that. 2 years ago I couldn’t imagine any better than infront of the TV intoxicated by some weaker Opiat. But fuck that, now I feel good from creating a website, cutting a movie-trailer or learning about business related things. Although I can’t lie, I still have resistance from taking action, I still love that easy disgusting way of just laying around.

I won’t read it through for now(Because of my lazy ass). So sorry for miswritings and bad sentences.
The feature picture is a cover I’m making to The text “Passive – Action”, is just for this post.
Joncell productions is a new record label founded by my oldtime friend Hans. You’ll love the music he’s making if you like experimental and electronic.

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