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The biggest source of unhappiness: Lack of mental stamina.

Written by adamdedanga

Thought pattern when thing’s go bad.

Start building on a website ->
Run into a problem ->
Start to think about all the obscurity surrounding the problem ->
Worry about how much time it will take to solve ->
Switch task or call some friends.

Impatience is the big problem here, because you don’t know how long you’ll have to work until you find a solution. It’s almost a fear of spending your time wrong, the fear of risk. Unpatience of working until you find a solution, this is what I call lack of mental stamina. When you can’t push yourself to solve the problem, because you’re worried about the obscurity surrounding the problem. My ideal solution to this is to always keep yourself calm and focused on the current problem, at least until you can find a strong motivation why you should switch to something else.

Lack of mental stamina could definitely can ruin your life. Because there’s things you want to create, things you want to do, experiences you want to have. And to get there, courage and stamina is required.
If you feel like you don’t want to change, fuck it. Accept that feeling and don’t do anything about it, but at least be aware of the problem of impatience.


, aerobic exercise and writing a journal is a few things that will improve your focus. Writing a journal helps to organize your thoughts, and organization is a important thing when you don’t want your thoughts to jump from one thing to another. Don’t forget to also organize your environment, a cluttered desktop will confuse you. Finally, if you have a bunch of unnecessary applications on your phone, remove them! It will try to hijack your attention all the time. Go minimalistic and stick with the things you need.

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