Yao! Fun that you’re having a look at my reel. I’ll introduce why I like media and what I would like to do in the future.
The reason why I like media, is because I love to capture things that gets me surprised and makes me feel alive. Meeting interesting people, going to undiscovered places or doing something wild.

It was a bit stupid when I went alone into the wild for 32 days, but it got me going to create films.
Since then I’ve had to learn some industry standards when it comes to producing, directing and editing.
But I still like to go off the track to keep it interesting, although I’m not ignoring what other people do that’s already doing the trick.


  • Interviewing
  • Production
  • Video editing
    • Avid media composer [Strong]
    • Sony Vegas [Strong]
    • Premier pro [Basic]
  • Cinematography
    • Follow action
    • Framing
    • Camera moves
    • Lighting


  • Introduction to writing and producing short form media, 2015, Santa Monica College
  • Introduction to Multimedia Storytelling, 2015, Santa Monica College
  • Television field production, 2015, Santa Monica College
  • Advanced video editing2015, Santa Monica college


A spring in Barcelona

The spring 2015 were about to get exciting. I moved in to an apartment in Barcelona, more precisely to the notorious neighborhood Raval. It’s know for high criminality such as prostitution and robbery. Full story…

  • Producer
  • Camera operator
  • Editor

Day 32

Three years ago I had been watching a lot of Discovery channel with all those persons who go into the wild and drink their own piss.
And that kinda made me wanting to do the same thing. Maybe not drink my own piss, but see how it is to survive in the wild totally by my own. Full story…

  • Producer
  • Camera operator
  • Editor

The insanely weird band Telekinetic Walrus

Beatboxing, Saxophone and goat dresses.
Say hello to The Telekinetic Walrus!

  • Interviewer
  • Voice-over
  • Camera operator
  • Editor

Coolest places on Santa Monica College

Exploring the coolest places on Santa monica College.
This is a project I did while I was studying television field production.

  • Interviewer
  • Editor

Home coming week on Santa Monica College

From the Club row of the home coming week 2015 on Santa Monica college where you get to meet the football team.
This was a project that I did as part of the course Television Field Production.

  • Voice-over
  • Camera operator
  • Editor

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