I love the state of failure to much!

Written by adamdedanga

I gotta get into the habit of just writing whatever comes to my mind, not worrying to much about if it’s perfect or not. This is totally off topic, but I started to think if I really could write a post about what I was thinking about or if it was to little text.

But the thing is I realize I love to be in the state of failure, to have something that annoyes me. This makes me come up with thoughts like “I am lazy”, “It’s not fun to start going towards my goals” or “I can’t” instead of going for it. I think my problem is that I actually enjoys the state of failure a little bit to much. So I can dream how it would be if I had what I wanted. Hopefully I get sick and tired and quit the bullshit like “I’m lazy”. Laziness might just be an excuse or self learned hopelessness. Gotta start identifying myself as a productive mothafluffa instead.. To make things more clear what to go after it helps to know where your aiming. Like making a list like the one in the post: I talk, talk, talk and I fucking TALK.


Just wanted to get this thought out. If you’re not succeeding with the things you long in life, it might be because you like to not feel succeeded a little bit to much. So you can be annoyed about something, making up wierdass excuses and misleading thoughts about what you enjoy… Like smoking weed, scrolling Facebook feed and watching TV six hours per day. I do some of this shit, it’s kinda pointless. 😉


And yeah one more thing I gotta brag a little, I’ll shoot most of the photos for my blog. The photo in this post is from Barcelona which I later edited.

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