The thought of getting customers makes me puke.

Written by adamdedanga

Yuck! I hate sales. I hate to “tap in” what you should do to get money from people. I’m in Sweden during the summer and I’m planning to have a smaller business for a few months. The business idea is basicly to help other businesses with websites, content and marketing campains. To create a red thread througout the businesses marketing and presentation.

I guess I’m doubting that I will make the customers happy. And that’s the biggest reasons why I have trouble asking for money. So I’m going to offer all money back if they’re not satisfied. I don’t get any money until they’re happy. This might not be the smartest way to do business but atleast then I know that the customer will be happy at the end.

Here you can have a look at the website for the business: (Scooore, a backlink… A SEO term I’m going to explain in the future)

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