Day 32

Three years ago I had been watching a lot of Discovery channel with all those persons who go into the wild and drink their own piss.
And that kinda made me wanting to do the same thing. Maybe not drink my own piss, but see how it is to survive in the wild totally by my own.

So I thought why not film everything and possibly boost my ego and get some fame?
After a few months of planning I decided to go to a group of lakes in the northern part of Sweden called Lappland.
I wanted it to be close enough so I could walk from my car, but with no people nearby. And I did get what I wanted, I was completely alone for over 30 days.

Arriving and adapting.

Mosquitoes were everywhere when I got to the lake. I got hundreds of mosquito bites within the first few hours. You could tell my inexperience, I didn’t even know how to set up a tent properly. I actually had to use duck tape to make it stable.

The first two weeks were fine. I was surrounded by beautiful nature and it felt relaxing to be away from Facebook, parties and pressures.
But then it started to get cold. It was in the beginning of September, leaves were falling from the trees and strong winds started to get a hold. And yeah, it rained all the time…

The cold nights

The nights started to climb below 0 degrees.
Most of the nights I was just shaking, sometimes for up to 10 hours.
The last 14 days I slept as little as 1 – 2 hours per night.
So I got the same sleep as I would get in 3 days, not 14 days.

That was tough and I always worried about the nights, it wasn’t uncommon to be surrounded by ice when I woke up. My body got weaker and weaker and a big part of my awaken time were dedicated to collecting berries.
Although I had 4 KG of food with me, you could tell that I was dropping a lot of weight. By the time I got home I had dropped 10 KG, almost 20 % of my body weight.

Getting back

After 32 days I finally knew that I was getting back to civilization. It was extremly emotional to see my car, i knew I had made it.
The only time I spoke with anyone within this month was when I had to call 911.
I called 911 after 22 days when my vision got blurry and I started to shake. They told me I probably had low blood sugar, so I ate and got to speak with my family.

The months after I got home was not easy, but I talk more about that some other time.

Rounding up.

Write to me if you want to be part of finishing the movie.

There’s about 18 hours of footage. 7 hours is spoken in English and 11 hours is spoken in Swedish. So there is a possibility to finish both a English and a Swedish version.

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