A spring in Barcelona

The spring 2015 were about to get exciting. I moved in to an apartment in Barcelona, more precisely to the notorious neighborhood Raval. It’s know for high criminality such as prostitution and robbery.

First I meet with Dragos, he’s a Romanian dude who helped to rent out the apartment. Then after a few hours I’ll get to know a new face, a thin nervous Ukrainian dude walks in to the apartment. Haha, fuck I can’t even stop smiling when I think about him. Cause he’s just being weird and cool at the same time, and now he’s also one of my best friends, Olek.


Olek’s likes porn. One of he’s favorite things is foot fetish. Which I got to see when I brought a friend over, he was quite quick on asking her if he could suck her feet.
Both of us like to do obscence stuff and don’t care that much of what other thinks of it. The first night we went out together we interviewed prostitutes.
Simply put, it’s fun to hang out with Olek.

Olek moves to the woods

We had to move out of our apartment after a few months. Olek found a pretty amazing new home straight away.
He had been talking with some aspbergers dude on Facebook who was living in a old ruin 80 km outside Barcelona. They were renting the ruin for about 250 $ per year.