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9 things that makes you procrastinate and 10 solutions that beats it!

Written by adamdedanga
  1. Pressure – if you have high sense of not wanting to fuck up and fail, then it’s a big chance you’re gonna put off what you want to do.
    Solution: Start fucking up and fail… seriously.
  2. Mental knots – A typical mental knot can be “I simply don’t like work”. Eventhough you actually might enjoy the process of working, but you’re not allowing yourself to like it.
    Solution: Mental knots are bad and they can be hard to tackle. But if you get somebody to point out the stupid excuses you’re making you’ll hopefully get through.
  3. Roadblock – When I speak about a roadblock I mean that you run into a problem where you have to search for one quick answer that you don’t know where to find.
    Solution: Google it! It might take some time to find the answer. But do google it if you don’t have a friend that might know.

    1. Longterm roadblocks – If you have a sequence of problems your going to have to solve. Then you gotta spend a decent amount of time to learn.
      Solution: Consider the place to go to quickest get the knowledge you need. A online course, a youtube tutorial or maybe a University course. Go with the one which you belives will give you the skill that you need.
  4. Fear of loss – You might be afraid to lose your money so you hesitate to buy the solution to your problem. Eg. hiring new staff or buying a service.
    Solution: Consider your alternatives. Pro’s and con’s, make a decision and jump.
  5. Lack of mental fitness – This occurs when you don’t eat properly, sleep to much or to little, to little sun light and don’t excercise to get blood flowing to your brain.
    Solution: Don’t eat shit, just try to eat normal not like 10 cheeseburgers every day. Deal with your sleep check out my post 3 things that solved my severe sleep issues for further tips, stay in a well-lit environment and get your ass moving a few hours every week.
  6. Bad autopilot habits – If you’re constantly surrounded by instagram popups, facebook texts and similar your brain will drag you in that direction as soon as it gets a chance, then you might be lost in stupid scrolling and watching videos for hours.
    Solution: Delete all apps you don’t need. Don’t have 10 different tabs open in your browser, Use extensions such as stayfocusd to block your time on certain sites.
  7. Substances which makes you feel OK – Smoke weed,aand now you don’t have to worry… For a while. Then when the high leaves you, you’re back to into the same position.
    Solution: Quit abusing and fucking deal with your problems.
  8. Lack of order – If you have a lot of unrelevant stuff in your environment, your physical desktop or on your computer desktop your minds going to have a hard time to focus on what’s important.
    Solution: Clean! Throw away shit you don’t need and hide things you don’t need right now.
  9. No fun time: I know that if I haven’t hang out with people, laughing and shit. Then I won’t be able to concentrate.
    Solution: Make sure you have things you like to do, wheter it’s partying, playing baseball or whatever.
  10. Overall solution:
    You got to want to finish the thing you’re working on. Not your parents, not your friends, not your ego which wants to impress. You just got to enjoy the process of making it. This usually solves it, and if it doesn’t then it’s just so check the list above and see if you find where’s the problem at.


So I think this is like my fifth post on procrastination, I feel like a hypocrit, because. I’m already breaking 5, 6 and 8. I sit in a room with little light, a lot of things and I keep checking my cellphone for new updates. But atleast now I’m starting to form a specific set of things I can check into if I fall into some bad habits.
And please don’t let these thing hinder you. If you can focus in a dark room, thrive in chaos or smoking weed and still do the things you deep down want to do. Then you should continue doing those things.

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