3 things that solved my severe sleep issues.

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A few years ago it wasn’t unsual for me to go to bed at 10 am in the morning, waking up at 8 pm in the evening and then being awake until 10 am in the morning. Often spending up to 5 hours trying to sleep.
Damn I spent a lot of my time in the bed, too tired to do something but still some kind of annoying “wakefulness” that kept me up.

Up until about 2 years ago I just loved quick-fixes. Pills, listening to music that was suppose to make you calm, and so on. And if it didn’t worked then I got bored and checked Facebook… Or even watched porn.
A normal person realize that this isn’t healthy, but I was so caught up in quick-fixes and that quick-fixes always was the solution to my problems so I just kept rolling with it and felt sorry for myself when it didn’t work.
But then it started to change. I began listening to this dude called RSDTyler who were some kind of pickup-dude on Youtube. (I don’t like all that he’s about. The pick-up things he talks about can be a bit shallow, fake and “alarming”. But I can’t take away that some of the thing’s I’ve heard from him have been really helpful.)

At the same time as I realized that quick-fixes did’nt work I started to scrutunize my habits. Another person who helped me realize things is Napoleon Hill… I listen to Think and Grow Rich which made me realize the extreme importance of our habits.
When I looked into my habits I realized that they were awful.

So I made some changes.
  1. I started to sleep in a room with natural light.
    So now I started to wake naturally when the sun rose.
  2. I removed all electronic out of the room.
    No more watching Facebook, watching TV or just stupid surfing around. I had to be bored and unstimulized when I was sleeping. (And if you have to watch some kind of screen before bed time, then check out f.lux. It’s pure awesomeness, it takes away blue light from the screen. Blue light which tells your brain to be awaken)
  3. I removed as much of harmful substances as I could.
    No more pills. Especially avoid opiats, benzo and alcohol. It might work for a while, but when you make it to a habit, you start to get damaged. I don’t drink coffe and I think you should be a bit careful with that too, not cutting off completely, but only a few cups per week.

I belive this to be the most important tips. But things like eating balanced, reading something interesting and exercise is also important. You’ve probably already heard of those things.
I still don’t sleep perfect but now I don’t lay awake in bed for hours or sleep during the days.

Hope these tips work for you too!

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